Dr. Kyle Longley

Dr. Kyle Longley, Director of War and Society Program.

Having earned his PhD from the University of Kentucky with a focus on the history of US foreign relations and Latin America, Dr. Kyle Longley has taught Arizona State University from 1995 where he published numerous books on US-Latin American relations, several US Presidents, and the history of soldiers in the field. Professor Longley’s acclaimed The Morenci Marines: A Tale of Small Town America and the Vietnam War, follows nine young men who left the Arizona desert mining camp of Morenci to serve their country in Vietnam. Drawing on personal interviews and correspondences, the award-winning work details the battled survivor’s guilt, difficult re-entries into civilian life, and traumas from personally experiencing war.

Longley brings to Wilkinson scholarship that engages conversations across disciplines and within history, combining diplomatic, military and social history in narratives and analysis. Similarly, the MA program in War and Society takes an interdisciplinary and comparative approach to the study of war and society and aims to serve as a regional and national resource for practitioners contributing to the study and field of war and society—teachers, future diplomats, and career military and foreign service officers. 

“The goal is to prepare [students] to understand the multidimensional nature of War and Society… issues of the social and economic impact of war, how society shapes the way militaries wage war (and peace), and what role war has played in creating unique aspects of cultures,” said Longley.

As a practitioner contributing his critical teaching, interpreting, and problem solving skills of war and its impact on society both inside and out of academia, Longley will be a role model for our students evident by his own long record of such service. Dr. Longley engages in contemporary, national conversation in his op-eds published by the Washington Post, New York Times, and Los Angeles Times and directed the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library from 2018-2019.

“When you graduate from the War and Society Program,” Longey states, “you will walk away with a greater understanding of the topic from many different viewpoints.  The depth and range of the experience will better prepare you to play a role in our society, whether from a standpoint in [a] chosen profession to a global citizen.”

“We are excited to welcome Dr. Longley and look forward to adding his rich experience in research, teaching, and service to the MA in War & Society program and Wilkinson College,” said Dean Jennifer D. Keene.