2015CoverHomeChloe Honum‘s poem “Snow White,” published in Vol. 2, Issue 2 of TAB (The Journal of Poetry & Poetics), has been awarded a Pushcart Prize. Honum’s poem will be the lead poem in the forthcoming annual Pushcart anthology.

A Pushcart Prize is very prestigious–it’s a big recognition for the poem and the journal or press that published the poem. Journals, presses, and previous Pushcart awardees can submit up to 6 pieces each year to the Pushcart Prize, so the competition is vast, with hundreds and hundreds of nominations, and very well-respected journals usually get the nods.

“We’re pleased to have featured this poem in TAB, and we’re glad that the Pushcart folks also recognized how amazing it is,” said Dr. Anna Leahy.

Read the poem!