Wilkinson faculty and staff are invited to join Wilkinson Dean Patrick Fuery on Friday, May 17, 2-5 p.m. in the Athenaeum to say goodbye as he steps down as Wilkinson College’s Dean.

After serving as Dean of Wilkinson College for eight years, Dean Fuery decided to return to the faculty and plans to devote more time towards his efforts to create a Center for Creative and Cultural Industries.

During his tenure as dean, Patrick emphasized enhancing the research activities of Wilkinson College.  One of the creative ways he did this was by implementing a program called CRASsH (Chapman Research in Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities) and BURN (Building Undergraduate Research Networks).  These efforts resulted in a 400 percent increase in grant funding and applications within the College, and overall increases in faculty and student publications, conference presentations, and research activities.  This research focus also contributed to a dramatic increase in the number of student Fulbright scholars coming from Wilkinson College.

Patrick developed the new focus on Creative and Cultural Industries, leading, just this year, to the launch the very popular new minor (minor in CCI).  In addition, he created and launched a new community engagement series called Interstices, with over 3,000 attendees from the campus and wider community over its 5 year run.  These efforts lay the groundwork for the creation of an exciting new Center for Creative and Cultural Industries.

As Dean, Patrick emphasized a strong interdisciplinary approach to both teaching and research, encouraging faculty to form cross-disciplinary groups in and beyond the College.  He supported international partnerships in both research and teaching and launched the highly successful graduate journal Anastamos, encouraging a stronger graduate culture within the College.

Congratulations Patrick on all your accomplishments as dean and good luck!