The International Space Station Archaeological Project (and Dr. Justin Walsh) – the first fully-developed archaeological investigation of a human habitat in space – has received a 2019 Discovery Grant from the Australian Research Council in the amount of AU$244,400.

This money will support the development of a database to hold the unique data and metadata associated with the material culture of ISS, which celebrated its 20th anniversary last week (and 18 years of continuous habitation on November 2nd).

Thanks to the funding, and armed with a 2017 letter of feasibility from NASA, Dr. Walsh will be given access to primary data sources including all images taken of life on board ISS, the Inventory Management System used to document what has been sent to ISS, and much more.

“I don’t mind saying that this has been a gigantic success for a project that does not fit into any easily definable categories,” said Dr. Walsh.

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