Professor Lia Halloran (Department of Art) created an exhibit that explores the lesser-known history of early women astronomers and the central role they played in modern astronomy, including the discovery and documentation of major celestial bodies.

Using large-scale cyanotypes — a photographic printing process developed in the mid-nineteenth century, primarily for scientific use — Halloran examined how perception, time, and scale informs the human desire to understand the world and our emotional and psychological place within it. The exhibition also featured her first immersive, three-channel video installation, Double Horizon (2019), an aerial exploration of the space above Los Angeles.

The exhibit – “The Same Sky Overarches Us All” is currently being displayed (until Nov. 22) at the University of Maryland.

We realize not all of you are going to be able to get to Maryland, so here’s a sneak-peak shot by videographer Jonathan Thorpe.