Most Transformative – Crystal Murphy
This professor challenged you to broaden your perspective and to think deeply about the subject  matter. They have influenced the way you approach new subjects both inside and outside of the classroom.

Most Inclusive – Lori Cox Han
This Professor makes sure that everyone’s voice in their classroom is heard and ensures that all students feel included in the Chapman community.

Most Inspirational – Jan Osborn
This is a Professor whose passion and hard work inside and outside the classroom inspires you to work hard and achieve great things.

RLFYE “Most Valuable Professor” – Patrick Fuery and Lindsey Shen
This award is presented to a campus partner who’s collaborative spirit helps to further the mission of the Office of Residence Life and First Year Experience.

Other awards given out …

Co-Teaching Award; awardees:

  • Alexander Bay and Thomas Zoellner: The Politics of Waste
  • John Boitano and Louise Thomas: The Great Operas of the Western Tradition

On-Campus Conference Award; awardees:

  • Susan Paterno, Dennis Foley, & Pete Weitzner “Excellence in Journalism Day 4”
  • Gail Stearns, “Centering Religion and Spirituality within the University: Through Diversity and Inclusion and Contemplative Education”