Wilkinson’s Scholar in Residence, Dr. Julian Hanich, is speaking at the Goethe Institute in Los Angeles on Thursday, April 13 titled, “Weeping Warm Tears: On Having a Good Cry in the Cinema” at 7 p.m.

ABOUT THE PRESENTATION: The cinema is one of the foremost places of shedding tears in Western cultures, and movies are regularly listed among the strongest triggers of tears. As the German philosopher Walter Benjamin once claimed, in the cinema people who are no longer moved or touched by anything in everyday life learn to cry again. In this lecture and multimedia presentation, Julian Hanich will talk about how we, as film spectators, experience our tears in the movie theater: What is it actually like to cry when other viewers are sitting next to us? Hanich focuses on five crucial features that characterize cinematic weeping, and what features distinguish various types of crying. As it will turn out, tears can involve embarrassment and shame, but can they can also come with the pleasure of sharing an emotion.

Dr. Hanich will be giving a multimedia film presentation followed by a Q&A and reception.

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