Did you know that the IETL has a Swivl that faculty members can check out throughout the year? Swivl is a video observation technology tool and uses a Robot Base (to capture the video) and Audio Markers (microphones that record the instructor and students).

The Robot Base automatically swivels to follow the instructor – no camera operator required – and the Markers capture audio from up to four locations in the room. Videos are uploaded to the Swivl Cloud where they can be viewed, edited and, if desired, shared with others.

Watch this short video on how you can use Swivl in the classroom:

How can I use Swivl to enhance teaching and learning?

  • Self Reflection: Instructors can record video to review and reflect on their teaching. They can also listen to the audio collected using multiple Markers during group work to help unravel student issues in understanding content.
  • Peer Review: Instructors can record their class and share the videos with peers for feedback.
  • Lecture Capture: Instructors can make recordings available to students for study and review.
  • Guest Speaker Video: Record guest speakers or special presentations in your class; archive that footage for easy access (or reuse) after.
  • Student Work: Record students during in-class presentations or performances.

How do I get started?

  1. Sign up for your own Swivl account. This will allow you to upload videos to your own Swivl “Cloud”. You can also perform basic editing techniques (such as trimming or adding slides) to videos you have captured with Swivl in your Cloud.
  2. Request to check out the Swivl hardware. The IETL provides you with the Swivl robot base, tripod, IETL iPad with app installed, and markers (mics) for you to use for the maximum 3-day lending period.
  3. Review the Swivl Starter Guide here.

More information at: https://www.swivl.com/