Kahoot! EDU has introduced its AI-powered Question Generator feature for educators to save time and simplify the task of creating quiz questions for educational use. It allows instructors to upload a PDF file or input a description of the content they want to include, creating engaging and academically relevant quiz games. The hope is for instructors to efficiently produce quizzes that align with their teaching goals and curriculum requirements.

AI question Generator Features

  • Be able to generate Kahoot! questions based on various topics you supply the search engine.
  • Upload your PDF slides directly to scan and generate questions based on the material.
  • The ability to further edit prompted AI-generated questions to specifically fit your exercise or presentation.

Detailed instructions for How to use Kahoot! AI Question generator

Do note Chapman University has a select amount of Kahoot! EDU licenses. Please email canvas@chapman.edu for additional information and access.

Instructional Video: Generate questions based on a topic and generate questions based on a PDF file

Webinar video: Engaging lectures and presentations powered by AI with Kahoot! EDU