Wilkinson Graduate Students Shine in the Southwest

April 1, 2020 by | English

This March Wilkinson College graduate students student ventured into the southwest for two major conferences: The Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) in San Antonio, Texas, and the Council of Graduate School’s (CGS) annual meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In San Antonio, over a dozen of our MFA in Creative Writing students represented Chapman at AWP,


Building a Future in Arts & Humanities Graphic Design program partners with the Samueli Academy.

March 31, 2020 by | Art

The Graphic Design program, housed within Wilkinson College, has formed a partnership with the Orangewood-based high school Samueli Academy to improve the college and career readiness of students in the academy’s Design Pathway program. Samueli Academy, which opened in 2013 to provide a better education for disadvantaged students, takes a work-based learning approach featuring a


Research: The Remedy for Today’s Ills A unique Chapman interdisciplinary, international study provides significant insight into the Coronavirus-19 pandemic.

March 30, 2020 by | News

As scientists and researchers around the world seek to understand the growing Coronavirus health crisis, a Wilkinson professor and Economic Science Institute presidential fellow, are reexamining a typically misunderstood aspect of the disease. So far, their research has shown that despite what young people may think, age is not a direct factor in COVID-19 mortality.


Panic in the Time of Pandemic Dr. Christopher Bader sheds some needed insight on fear and panic in the midst of COVID-19.

March 20, 2020 by | News

In the past few weeks, students and workers were sent home, stock markets plummeted, and the President of the United States declared a national emergency over a continuing growing number of coronavirus-19, or COVID-19, cases in the world. Yet, one of the least talked about impacts of COVID-19 is the sociological effects—particularly the ways people


An American Horror Story Renowned FEAR Survey is now a book.

March 20, 2020 by | POSC

For the past six years, Wilkinson’s Babbie Center for Research has surveyed what keeps Americans awake at night. Now, their ongoing multi-year, empirical “Study of American Fears”  is becoming a book. Fear Itself: The Cause and Consequences of Fear in America examines the prevalent role that fear plays in the lives of daily Americans. The


From Our Eyes: Emerging Female Writers MFA Students spend the day with prolific female writers.

March 13, 2020 by Esther Shin and Tryphena Yeboah | English

From Our Eyes is a new blog series showcasing Wilkinson faculty and students’ first-hand accounts of their undergraduate and graduate experiences. In this first installment, we hear from two students in the MFA English Program, Tryphena Yeboah and Esther Shin, who were invited to attend a conference on female writers. When we received confirmation that


Corinne Tam wins The Best Undergraduate Award at Eastern Sociological Society Annual Meeting

March 13, 2020 by Marrissa Childs | Soc

Corinne Wai Yin Tam (‘20, Sociology), President of Wilkinson College’s Sociology Club, was awarded the Eastern Sociological Society Annual Best Undergraduate Award for her paper, “Tiger Moms, Dragon Dads, and Baby Pandas: Cultural Expectations of Success Among Asian-American College Students.” She presented this paper at the Eastern Sociological Society (ESS) Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, which


Advice From an Activist Anti-Apartheid Activist Stephanie Urdang visits and speaks at Chapman

March 9, 2020 by | Events

South-African born Stephanie Urdang, a journalist, activist, and U.N. consultant, recently spoke on campus in a lecture entitled, “A Woman’s Lifetime Struggle on Gender, War, and Peace Issues.” The event was hosted  by the Peace Studies Department in Wilkinson College.  Urdang was raised in South Africa in Apartheid, a system of instituionalized racial segregation and


Fear of the 2020 Elections New FEAR Survey Results find that Americans are afraid over the outcome of the 2020 Election.

March 6, 2020 by Muhammad Karkoutli | Wilkinson College

If just thinking about the upcoming 2020 election makes you feel anxious, you’re not alone. Results from the 2019 Chapman University Survey of American Fears (CSAF) reveal that 47.5% of Americans are ‘afraid or very afraid’ of the outcome of the 2020 election. This fear is the 21st highest fear that Americans have ranking just


War and Society Secures New Student Scholarships

March 1, 2020 by | History

Wilkinson College’s War and Society MA program is excited to announce five new $5,000 graduate tuition scholarships. The scholarships are named in honor of former U.S. Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis, a retired United States Marine Corps general. The Mark Chapin Johnson Foundation established the scholarships after seeing merit in what the War and

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