What is Gradescope?

Gradescope is an assessment tool that integrates with Canvas to streamline the grading of paper-based and online assignments.

“[…] this tool is invaluable. I love the ease in which instructors can make rubrics and use them in assessing exam responses. The grading system within Gradescope is fantastic and there is a high transparency in the feedback for students.” –Chapman Instructor

“It’s very clear and easy to use to submit homework and receive feedback on exactly where I missed points for each question.” –Chapman Student

What is the AI-assisted grading feature?

With Gradescope’s AI-assisted grading feature, instructors can grade groups of similar answers at once.  For some question types, Gradescope AI automatically forms answer groups for instructors to review.  Watch the following video to learn more about this feature.

How can I get started with Gradescope in Canvas?

In the following guide, you can learn how to access Gradescope, set up a Gradescope assignment, grade submissions, post Gradescope grades to Canvas, and more.

Using Gradescope with Canvas as an Instructor

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