This blog post is authored by Briana Craig, Student Technology Assistant at Educational Technology Services.

The Creative Learning Experience with Adobe workshop provided an informative and eye-opening journey into the world of Adobe Creative Cloud products. As I entered the workshop, my knowledge was limited to the basics of only a few Adobe products. However, now that I’ve discovered Adobe’s offerings’ true power and versatility, I can envision myself using them extensively. 

We received a helpful introduction to Adobe Express during the workshop, which stood out as one of the coolest tools. With Adobe Express, you can create personalized libraries containing color palettes, logos, and fonts. What’s even more exciting is that these resources can seamlessly integrate with Microsoft products like PowerPoint. Adobe Express is an invaluable asset for students working on flyers, student organization materials, or class projects. 

Another intriguing feature discussed during the workshop was Adobe Fireflytheir generative AI tool. Through a live demonstration, we witnessed its capabilities and explored its potential applications across various disciplines. What sets Adobe Firefly apart is its commitment to ethical sourcing. All the images in its database are obtained responsibly, and the original artists receive compensation each time the AI generates a new image. It’s a model that other companies developing generative AI tools should emulate. 

As I learned about Adobe’s diverse product lineup, I grew more excited about incorporating them into my work. I can’t wait to explore and utilize these tools further. 

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