What is Nearod?

Nearpod makes lessons interactive. Create a lesson, video, or activity and upload your resources (PowerPoints, Google Slides, PDFs, videos). Customize the lesson with interactive slidesvideosgamification, and activities to check for student understanding and deepen engagement with Nearpod tools: Draw It, Polls, Drag & Drop, and Open-Ended Questions. Support student understanding by using insights from the formative assessments and dynamic media features to guide your teaching and improve student outcomes. Adapt your instruction or address misconceptions on the fly during lessons based on feedback from real-time data.

The same lesson could be used for live presentations or student-paced. Nearpod also has curated lessons, assessments, and activities to customize and add to your lessons. Additionally, you can embed and assign live and student-paced lessons and videos into Canvas. Students then click on the shared link to access the shared lesson. You and your students will appreciate the ease of accessing resources curated into one centralized hub. Please review this video on What is Nearpod?

Join the Pilot

If you are interested in joining the Nearpod pilot, please submit the intake form. Instructors can use their existing account or create a new account.

Chapman Instructor’s Experience with Nearpod

These blogs showcase the firsthand experiences of two Chapman instructors who have incorporated Nearpod into their classroom instruction. Gain insight into the benefits and challenges they faced while implementing this tool in their teaching approach. Discover how Nearpod can enhance your own classroom experience through the lens of these experienced educators.

Unlocking Interactive Learning with Nearpod: A Professor’s Perspective blog written by Dr. Tara Barnhart, Assistant Professor of Attallah College of Educational Studies.

Gain Valuable Insights on Teaching with Nearpod: A Professor’s Perspective blog written by Dr. Samantha Dressel, Assistant Professor of Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences; Department of English.

For more information on the Nearpod, please contact Educational Technology Services at edutech@chapman.edu.