Some instructors prefer to add audio narration to their PowerPoint presentations, then record and save them before uploading to an online video-sharing platform (Panopto, YouTube, MS Stream, etc.)

If you record your PowerPoint presentation with audio (narration) and save it, the file will play fine on your computer. However, the audio and video will go out of sync when you upload it. As the video playback progresses, the audio issue will become more evident, and eventually, the sound will become completely inaudible.

This has been a consistent problem with PowerPoint recordings.

Since we use Panopto to share content with students at Chapman University, our recommendation is to use the Panopto Desktop Recorder for Windows or  Panopto Desktop Recorder for Mac to record your content, then upload it directly to your class’ Canvas Panopto folder. Alternatively, you can create a Zoom meeting and record it, then upload your recording to your class’ Canvas Panopto folder.

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