Wind – California’s Gold (809)

Some people like it — to others, it’s a nuisance. Something “to come in out of.” But like it or not, everyone would agree it’s been a part of the history of California since the very beginning. We’re talking about wind. And on this particular adventure, host Huell Howser goes in search of some of the most historic and strongest wind around.

First stop is the back lot of the famous Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank where Huell takes a look at some wind machines used in movie production, and learns they’ve been a part of our movie legacy since the very early silent films. The special-effects people even crank up some of the machines for a demonstration of just how much force they can create.

Then it’s on to Pasadena for a visit to the campus of the California Institute of Technology. Tucked away in one of the buildings is the GALCIT Ten-Foot Wind Tunnel which has been operating since 1930 and used to test everything from aircraft to automobiles. It’s a huge tunnel and of course Huell couldn’t resist not only climbing around inside, but getting a dose of wind as well!

The last windy stop is in Northern California at the Point Reyes National Seashore– a place not only filled with spectacular natural beauty, but a lot of natural wind as well. In fact, Point Reyes has the distinction of being the windiest place in the entire state, and even though it was a fairly calm day, Huell definitely got the feel of why it’s in the record books!

At first, it seems like a rather obscure subject, but after thinking about it, and especially after visiting these three locations, there’s not doubt about it — wind is a fine example of California’s Gold.