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California’s Golden Parks #102 – Citrus State Historic Park

Located in Riverside, California Citrus State Historic Park recaptures the days when “Citrus was King” in California. The design of the park is reminiscent of a 1900s city park and includes an activity center, amphitheater, interpretive structure and demonstration groves. The land within the park still continues to produce high-quality fruits, too.

California’s Golden Parks #101 – Big Basin

First up in or new series is Big Basin Redwoods State Park in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Established in 1902, it’s actually California’s oldest State Park and is celebrating its centennial this year. Home to the largest continuous stand of Coast Redwoods south of San Francisco, as well as numerous waterfalls, abundant wildlife, and incredible  Continue Reading »

Celebrate Arbor Day Trees - California's Gold (3013)

It’s Arbor Day! Celebrate the importance of trees to our state and our world by joining Huell as he visits three well-known trees in California.  

California’s Golden Parks #125 – China Camp

Huell visits one of our state’s most scenic and important State Parks. China Camp State Park is located right on San Francisco Bay and is the last remaining example of the numerous Chinese fishing villages that once dotted the shoreline. Not only does he walk through the quaint village and learn about its colorful history,  Continue Reading »

National Pet Day Pet Cemetery - California's Gold (9008)

Did you know today is National Pet Day? Join Huell as he honors some of TV and film’s most famous pets by visiting their final resting places!

Cesar Chavez Day Chavez Center - California's Gold (15002)

Recognize Cesar Chavez Day with Huell as he visits the Cesar Chavez Foundation in the Tehachapi Mountains. The buildings were once a tuberculosis hospital and then where Cesar lived and labored as he fought for better rights for migrant workers. Watch as Huell gets a special tour from Cesar’s son Paul.

Death Valley is Blooming! Springtime in Death Valley - California's Gold (125)

Have you heard? Due to recent wet weather, Death Valley National Park is experiencing the phenomenon known as a “super bloom.” This normally-barren landscape is awash with color – an event that happens only once every ten years! Huell was one of the lucky ones to experience this in person. Check it out!

Springtime in Death Valley – California’s Gold (125)

Leave it to our own Huell Howser to think he could go kayaking in Death Valley! But it turns out that’s exactly what he does as he travels to normally parched Death Valley National Park to kayak on the huge salt lake created by this year’s heavy rains. Ancient Lake Manly at Badwater only reappears  Continue Reading »

National Wildlife Day Farallon Islands – California’s Gold (144)

Yesterday was National Wildlife Day! Join Huell as he visits the Farallon National Wildlife Refuge on the Farallon Islands. Just 27 miles off the coast of San Francisco, these remote islands are known as the California Galapagos for their rich flora and fauna.

Let the Fire Fall! Yosemite Firefall - California's Gold (706)

You may have heard in the news recently of the incredible phenomenon happening in Yosemite National Park this month: if conditions are right in mid-February every year, Horsetail waterfall gleams a brilliant orange color at sunset. This spectacular sight harkens back to the YNP tradition of sending a pile of burning embers off the edge  Continue Reading »