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Can a Tree Survive a Trip to the Moon? Moon Trees – California’s Gold (9011)

Sunday marks the 45th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 14, the third trip to the moon. Did you know that astronaut Stuart Roosa packed a container filled with hundreds of tree seeds as an experiment to see if they could survive a trip to space? After landing, nearly all of the seeds germinated successfully.  Continue Reading »

Winter Weather Advisory Snow and Ice - California's Gold (812)

Winter Storm Jonas may be bearing down on our friends on the East Coast, but California can get its fair share of snow and ice as well. In this episode, Huell explores the historic ice industry in California. Watch as Huell learns how ice was harvested from mountain lakes and ponds. Later, Huell takes the  Continue Reading »

Stay Golden, California Water Crisis - California's Water (122)

El Niño may be arriving, but the Golden State’s water problems are far from over. Watch this classic California’s Water episode where Huell visits the San Joaquin Valley and talks with farmers about their struggles to keep their crops alive. As it is today, water was an important topic for all Californians even in 2009.  Continue Reading »

Date Festival — California’s Golden Fairs (107)

Huell heads to Indio, where for over 60 years, the Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival has celebrated the date and entertained millions with everything you could want from a fair. From the wonderful food to the camel and ostrich races and crowning of the Queen Scheherazade and her court, it’s a wonderful way  Continue Reading »

San Diego County Fair — California’s Golden Fairs (103)

Huell visits a fair steeped in history. In 1880, a group of San Diegans organized an agricultural fair to bring county farmers together to share ideas, see who had the best citrus fruit, who baked the best pie, and who had the fastest horse. In 1936 it moved to it’s current location at the Del  Continue Reading »

Big Fresno Fair — California’s Golden Fairs (111)

Huell visits the Big Fresno Fair and it really is a “big” fair, with over 165 acres of and 127 years in the making. Huell learns that the fairgrounds were once used as a Japanese internment camp and meets the great grand daughter of Pop Laval who shothundreds of photos of the early fairs.

Jacaranda — California’s Gold (15006)

Huell, with the help of his friends from the Braille Institute, learns about the history of jacaranda trees in California, which dates back to the 1890s when horticulturalist Kate Sessions first planted the seeds in Balboa Park. The blooming purple trees can now be seen all across the state, and we will find that some  Continue Reading »

Cabrillo’s Ship — California’s Gold (15005)

Huell travels to Point Loma to learn about the history of Juan Cabrillo’s ship, the San Salvador, which arrived at San Diego Bay on September 28, 1542. We then meet the builders and see the progress of a full-scale replica of the ship at the San Diego Maritime Museum.

Sea Shadow — California’s Gold (15004)

Sea Shadow was the Navy’s “Stealth Ship,” a futuristic vessel built in 1984 to test new naval technologies, especially Signature Control, better known as “stealth”. Follow Huell to San Diego for an extraordinary tour, and find out the fate of the now-retired vessel.

S.S. Catalina Update — California’s Gold (15003)

Huell traces the history of the S.S. Catalina, which carried 24 million passengers to-and-from Catalina Island from 1924 to 1975. Considered by many to be the West Coast’s most storied vessel, the S.S. Catalina fell into disrepair while docked at Ensenada and efforts to rescue and restore the legendary ship ultimately failed. It was dismantled  Continue Reading »