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Category Archives: California’s Water

Water- The Best Deal Around- California’s Water (126)

Huell visits two water agencies to highlight key aspects of providing reliable water services and some factors driving the cost.  2012 To purchase this episode, click here and be taken to the website.

Water Innovation Stretching Our Water Supplies- California’s Water (125)

Huell tours the Delta for a first hand look at some innovative water projects. Projects that are expanding wetlands to not only improve water volume for farm and residential use, but also to improve wildlife habitat. Huell also visits a project that turns farm waste-water into valuable irrigation water and high-tech advances in gauging root  Continue Reading »

Water Reliability- California’s Water (124)

Huell tours construction projects that focus on improving the water supply reliability in the San Diego region. A project will raise the San Vicente Dam an additional 117 feet and more than double its storage capacity to 242,000 acre-feet.  2010

Water Crisis- California’s Water (122)

Huell takes a first-hand look at the mounting toll of water shortages on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley as he talks with a number of growers struggling to keep tomato, almond and other crops going. Huell also visits the San Luis Reservoir, the largest off-stream reservoir in the U.S., which was at  Continue Reading »

Tap Water: The Drink of Choice- California’s Water (123)

Huell visits three places in California to see first hand why California tap water is the best in the country. Huell’s first stop is Chez Panisse, a five-star restaurant in Berkeley, next, Huell stops by Los Vaqueros Reservoir, a water quality facility near Brentwood and finally Huell tours the sophisticated treatment facilities at the Los Angeles Department  Continue Reading »

Groundwater Banking- California’s Water (118)

Groundwater basins have long played a critical role in meeting California’s water needs. Today, many local water agencies are pursuing groundwater banking to maximize water resources and improve local water supply reliability. Groundwater banking programs allow surface water to be captured in wet periods and stored in groundwater basins for use in dry times Huell  Continue Reading »

Living With Nature- California’s Water (119)

This adventure begins along Butte Creek in the northern Sacramento Valley, just north of Sacramento, where four dams were removed to improve passage for endangered salmon and other fish Next we’ll learn about the Quagga mussels, which have spread to several reservoirs in California by hitchhiking on boats, can clog pipes and water intakes and  Continue Reading »

Water and Energy- California’s Water (120)

The process of treating and delivering water accounts for about 20% of all electricity used in California. We’ll visit two local water agencies that are pursuing an array of programs to reduce their energy use. First we’ll visit the Sonoma County Water Agency to view cutting-edge solar projects that have made Sonoma County a leader in that  Continue Reading »

Tightening the Water Belt- California’s Water (121)

Water has long been a big concern for Californians and the city of Long Beach has implemented many unique and cutting edge techniques to help conserve as much of it as possible. Huell spends the day there and learns all about these innovative ideas.  2008

Water Recycling- California’s Water (111)

Tour a water recycling plant and examine the important role recycled water plays in California’s water supply. Get a look at some current uses of recycled water and see how local agencies plan to expand this key water supply tool in the future.  2007