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Category Archives: Alaska Week

Dyea-Alaska! (102)

Huell visits Dyea at the head of the Chilkoot Trail the most famous route taken by prospectors to the Klondike Gold Rush. He also sees some beautiful Bald Eagles. 2003

Skagway-Alaska! (101)

Huell travels to the Klondike Gold Rush boomtown Skagway. 2003

Dog Sled-Alaska! (103)

Huell takes a summer ride with Alaska sled dogs. 2003

White Pass Railway-Alaska! (104)

Huell rides the train ridden by prospectors of the Klondike Gold Rush. 2003

Gustavus-Alaska! (105)

Huell visits the charming little town of Gustavus, the internationally recognized “Gateway to Glacier Bay National Park”. 2003

Father Hubbard-Alaska! (106)

Huell learns about the legacy of Alaska’s “Glacier Priest” and his connection to California. 2003

Forest Hike- Alaska! (107)

Huell takes an inspiring forest hike. 2003

Glacier Bay – Alaska! (008)

Huell’s off to see the breathtaking beauty of Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve.