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Category Archives: Palm Springs Week

Living Desert – Palm Springs (022)

1,200 acres of amazing flora and fauna in Palm Desert.

Moorten Botanical Garden – Palm Springs (41)

Dates — Palm Springs Week (2)

Huell Howser finds out all there is to know about dates at the Shields Date Gardens in Indio. Shields Date Gardens (760) 347-0996

Electric House — Palm Springs Week (8)

Huell visits the automated McCullough House in Palm Springs.

Palm Springs Air Museum — Palm Springs Week (14)

Huell Howser visits the Palm Springs Air Museum located at the Palm Springs International Airport. It’s full of exhibits depicting aviation history through art, photography, movies, videos and of course aircraft. Palm Springs Air Museum (760) 778-6262

Julius Shulman- Palm Springs Week (21)

Julius Shulman, the famed architectural photographer, shares many photos and stories about Palm Springs with Huell Howser. 2010

Tahquitz Canyon Update- Palm Springs Week (11)

Huell revisists Tahquitz Canyon and updates his show from last year.  2002

Polo- Palm Springs Week (40)

A visit to the huge polo fields, which have made the Coachella Valley a polo center! 2002

Fountain of Youth- Palm Springs Week (26)

The Fountain of Youth Spa is a unique RV Resort in Niland which offers swimming pools, an artesian mineral water hot spa and fresh water hot spas. Fountain of Youth Spa 888-800-0772 2002

Palm Springs Plaza Update-Palm Springs (35)

Right in the middle of downtown, this historic 1930s plaza has some amazing stories. 2002