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Category Archives: California’s Golden Parks

San Onofre State Beach – California’s Golden Parks (157)

San Onofre State Beach in San Diego County covers some 2100 acres and has five miles of beach, including Trestles – one of the most famous and truly iconic surf spots in the world! Park Supt. Rich Rozzelle showed Huell a spectacular section of the park that most people don’t know exists. Turns out the  Continue Reading »

Doheny State Beach – California’s Golden Parks (152)

Huell visits Doheny State Beach to help celebrate the 75th anniversary of the park. Doheny is famous for its surfing and laid back California atmosphere. We’ll visit with families who have multiple generations that have grown up on the great waves of Doheny. We’ll also learn about camping throughout years at this idyllic spot.

South Yuba River State Park – California’s Golden Parks (149)

Huell visits the south fork of the Yuba River. The area includes the longest single-span covered bridge in the world, four miles of the steep rugged canyon of the South Yuba River, and the Independence Trail — a wheelchair accessible trail. See water pouring over massive granite ledges, and historic toll crossings and bridges that  Continue Reading »

Camarillo Ranch – California’s Golden Parks (148)

Join Huell as he visits the magnificently restored Camarillo Ranch, which was named for “the last Spanish Don”, Adolfo Camarillo, who assumed ownership of the gigantic 10,000 acre ranch in 1880 at the age of 16. The city of Camarillo is named after the charismatic and successful Adolfo, who is known for having bred white  Continue Reading »

The California State Railroad Museum – California’s Golden Parks (147)

Located in beautiful Old Sacramento and regarded as one of North America’s finest and most visited railroad museums, The California State Railroad Museum is also part of the California State Park System. Huell explores the exhibits and rides beautifully restored railroad cars and locomotives that illustrate a railroad history unique to California and the West.

Underground Old Sacramento – California’s Golden Parks (145)

Sacramento has a unique feature that many residents are unaware of: a city underneath a city. Huell Howser goes below the city of Sacramento to explore the remaining historic sidewalks, doorways and building relics that were all part of the original downtown area before flooding moved the entire city upstairs one level. Huell gets a  Continue Reading »

Wrigley Botanical Gardens – California’s Golden Parks (139)

Huell boats to Catalina Island and visits the The Wrigley Memorial & Botanical Gardens.

Cayuga Playground – California’s Golden Parks (146)

Huell visits the Cayuga Playground in downtown San Francisco. This amazing playground was once a beaten down, overgrown, weed-choked space and has been transformed by Demi Braceros into a beautiful park with flowers and paths decorated with twisted twig fences, wood carvings and inspirational messages.

American River Parkway – California’s Golden Parks (136)

Huell sets off from where the Sacramento and American River meet on a bike ride along the beautiful 23-mile American River Parkway.

Yosemite Falls Trail – California’s Golden Parks (135)

Huell’s off to Yosemite National Park where he walks the newly rehabilitated trails to the base of Yosemite Falls, the highest waterfall in North America.