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Category Archives: California’s Green

Wave Power- California’s Green (137)

Huell looks at how the ocean could prove to be a very promising resource in the future of energy production and along the way he learns about the long history that this green technology has in the Golden State.  2011

Refrigerators-California’s Green (136)

Huell goes on a “green” adventure to find out how all those old refrigerators that get thrown away each day are recycled. We’ll follow an old fridge from a home all the way through the entire process. 2011    

Wind Power-California’s Green (132)

Huell gets a private bus tour of a wind farm in Southern California’s Coachella Valley. The “windmill tour” shows us the history, technology, and economic benefits of wind as a natural power source. 2010

Food Bank-California’s Green (133)

Join Huell as he learns what a real foodbank is all about. He starts out with Pasadena resident, Tony Collier, who founded the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank in 1973 and ran it out of a two-car garage. The Foodbank is now in a 96,000 square foot facility that serves over 1 million meals a year  Continue Reading »

Gills Onions-California’s Green (134)

Huell visits the family run Gills Onions, which is not only the largest onion processing plant in California but its also the greenest. Each day they convert over 150 tons of onion peel and juice waste to power fuel cells on site that provide enough power to run the lights and refrigeration. 2010

Geothermal-California’s Green (135)

Huell heads south to the small town of Heber to visit Ormat Technologies geothermal plant. From the earliest native peoples to the mud loving “spa’ enthusiasts, this area has a rich history in harnessing the “heat” bubbling up from the ground. We’ll get an education in how Ormat is harnessing this energy and using it  Continue Reading »

Plastic Bags-California’s Green (131)

In this special California’s Green, Huell makes two stops to see what Californian’s can do to help make a difference. First, Huell goes to Manhattan Beach to see what they are doing now that they have officially banned plastic bags. He gets the scoop from city officials, business leaders, environmental groups as well as people  Continue Reading »

Bluebirds-California’s Green (128)

The Western Bluebird once flew across most of California and beyond, but now they are in dire need of our help. Huell joins up with Bob Franz and the Southern California Bluebird Club, who have been working with many other groups across our state to help bluebirds make a recovery. They suffer as much from  Continue Reading »

Vintage Electric Cars-California’s Green (127)

Huell visits the Nethercut Museum in Sylmar to see the very first electric cars which were manufactured in the early 20th century. 2007  

Orange Conservancy-California’s Green (129)

A visit to The Inland Orange Conservancy in Redlands to learn about how a small grass roots organization is trying to connect local citrus farmers with people in the community who don’t want to see the last remnants of the citrus industry get bulldozed in the name of “progress”. The Conservancy helps farmers sell their  Continue Reading »