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Pt. Fermin Lighthouse – Visiting (1517)

There is a reason that those old lighthouses could send a beam of light for many miles out to see. Most lighthouses used a Fresnel lens, which looks like a beehive made of glass. These lenses are works of art and the one that graced the tower at Point Fermin Lighthouse is no exception. In  Continue Reading »

Woodworkers – Visiting (1407)

Huell watches two California woodworkers at work. John C. Talbot 818-894-2770 Jackie Hadnot — Wooden Ironhorses 661-225-0316 — workshop

Worms – Visiting (913)

Spend a day with Huell as he visits Rainbow Mealworms & Crickets. Rainbow has been raising and selling their “product” for 40 years. Not only do they sell mealworms and crickets, but they also raise huge hissing roaches! If you’ve ever wondered what a few million mealworms look like, this is the show for you.  Continue Reading »

Rose Garden – Visiting (908)

The creation of a new Exposition Park Rose Garden was part of the painstaking preparation for the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles, and it remains one of the most important public rose gardens in California. Huell spends a morning among the more than 7,000 rose bushes of this urban oasis, beloved by rosarians and the  Continue Reading »

Turtle Lady – Visiting (735)

Since she was a child, Jeanie Vaughan has loved turtles. Huell tours Jennie’s home in Santa Barbara, which she has turned into a sanctuary for these intriguing creatures. With a collection of 300 turtles–many adopted or rescued–there is a lot to learn from the Turtle Lady.

Water Car – Visiting (733)

Imagine sitting by the lake on a hot day and watching as a car drives into the water and motors away. Well that’s just what piqued Huell’s interest. Terry Tates parents bought their Amphibious Car in the early 60s and have passed it on to Terry. Huell goes to lake Castaic and gets the ride  Continue Reading »

Stuttering – Visiting (728)

Whether you stutter or not, Huell’s visit with participants at the Sheehan Stuttering Clinic is inspiring. While group members learn to overcome their fear of stuttering, we learn what obstacles they have faced throughout their lives, and how we can interact positively with someone who stutters.

Alpacas – Visiting (724)

Come on along with Huell as he meets with the proud owners of a herd of the wonderfully strange animals – the Alpaca. Not only so they make great pets, but great sweaters as well.

Life – Visiting (508)

This one-hour special finds Huell looking at life through the eyes of three different people. We’ll re-visit the Gomez family who we met at the Neonatal care unit at Good Samaritan Hospital; a 98 year old lady and, finally, a friend of Huell’s who has brain cancer.

Long Beach Naval Station (421)

Huell spends the day at Long Beach Naval Station which is threatened with demolition due to military downsizing. Many people want to save the site and turn the historic buildings into a park for the city.