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Category Archives: California’s Gold

House & Lawn Special – California’s Gold (14029)

Champion Turf – California’s Gold (14015)

Backdrops – California’s Gold (14012)

Soundwalk – California’s Gold (14008)

Watch Convention – California’s Gold (14005)

Pen Collectors – California’s Gold (14004)

California Aqueduct Special – California’s Gold (001)

In this special one-hour episode of California’s Gold, Huell takes a look at the California Aqeuduct. Constructed in the 1930s, the Colorado River Aqueduct is considered one of the greatest engineering projects in the world – bringing water to thirsty Southern Californians across over 200 miles of barren, remote desert. Starting at Lake Havasu, we  Continue Reading »

Viewfinder: California’s Dreamer – California’s Gold (999)

A biography of Huell Howser. For 15 years, the series California’s Gold has offered a one-of-a-kind tour of the Golden State, spiriting viewers off to major attractions, as well as destinations off the beaten path. Each journey offers a chance to meet fellow Californians – to share in their lives and see this state in  Continue Reading »

Women’s Special – California’s Gold

Trees – California’s Gold (130)

The theme of this episode is trees! Join Huell as he looks back at two episodes showcasing the beauty of tree-themed roadside attractions, Trees of Mystery and Circus Trees.