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Category Archives: California’s Gold

John Muir Special – California’s Gold (143)

House & Lawn Special – California’s Gold (14029)

Champion Turf – California’s Gold (14015)

Come along with Huell as he takes a tour of Champion Turf Equipment in Los Angeles California. Huell gets to see first-hand how Champion Turf’s craftspeople hand-craft saddles and other horse equipment.

Soundwalk – California’s Gold (14008)

Huell travels to Long Beach and takes a tour of SoundWalk, an annual art show of indoor and outdoor sound-art installations.

Watch Convention – California’s Gold (14005)

Huell attends the timely event (pun intended) of a watch and clock collectors convention held by the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors. The convention hosts collectors, dealers, sellers, and any person interested in watches and clocks.

California Aqueduct Special – California’s Gold (001)

In this special one-hour episode of California’s Gold, Huell takes a look at the California Aqeuduct. Constructed in the 1930s, the Colorado River Aqueduct is considered one of the greatest engineering projects in the world – bringing water to thirsty Southern Californians across over 200 miles of barren, remote desert. Starting at Lake Havasu, we  Continue Reading »

Viewfinder: California’s Dreamer – California’s Gold (999)

A biography of Huell Howser. For 15 years, the series California’s Gold has offered a one-of-a-kind tour of the Golden State, spiriting viewers off to major attractions, as well as destinations off the beaten path. Each journey offers a chance to meet fellow Californians – to share in their lives and see this state in  Continue Reading »

Women’s Special – California’s Gold

Trees – California’s Gold (130)

The theme of this episode is trees! Join Huell as he looks back at two episodes showcasing the beauty of tree-themed roadside attractions, Trees of Mystery and Circus Trees.

A Palm Springs Star for Huell Howser!

Since the opening of the Huell Howser Archives and the permanent exhibit, That’s Amazing! Thirty Years of Huell Howser and California’s Gold, we have encountered a number of fans of Huell’s who are eager to share their encounters with him. These are people who also share his love for California. One of Huell’s favorite places  Continue Reading »