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Santa Ana River Hydro – Crossroads (Southern California Edison)

Huell visits one of Edison’s oldest, and longest operating, generation facility: Santa Ana River #1. This powerhouse was built in 1898 by Edison predecessor Southern California Power Company and is located in the foothills above San Bernardino. The generating facility was the proving ground for first long distance transmission of electricity. Most of the original  Continue Reading »

Ridgecrest – Crossroads (Southern California Edison)

This first episode launched Edison’s “Crossroads” series. The show became a regular feature in a quarterly employee video news magazine called “Horizons.” In this story Huell visits the historic mining town of Randsburg near Ridgecrest in San Bernardino County, 190 miles northeast of Los Angeles. High atop wooden power poles, and while standing in a  Continue Reading »

Large Apparatus Repair Shop – Crossroads (Southern California Edison)

Huell visits Edison’s Large Apparatus Repair Shop (LARS) in Westminster and interviews shop manager Steve Mitchell. LARS was specifically designed to facilitate the repair of bulky substation transformers, generator turbines and large electrical equipment weighing up to 250 tons. LARS not only provided efficient large and heavy equipment maintenance it also had high voltage test  Continue Reading »

Preserving Native America – Crossroads (Southern California Edison)

Huell visits Edison’s historic Big Creek Hydroelectric Facilities high in the Sierras east of Fresno. He interviews staff archaeologist Tom Taylor who explains the importance of his job of researching and documenting to help preserve artifacts from the Western Mono people who originally inhabited the region. Huell also interviews Native American artist Margaret Batey. Margaret  Continue Reading »

Hot Jobs – Crossroads (Southern California Edison)

Huell visits Edison’s Mohave Generating Station near Laughlin, NV to interview utility maintenance worker James Thompson. Thompson’s job involves working in summer time temperatures exceeding 200 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain the plant’s coal-fired boilers. This episode best reflects the pride and dedication of Edison employees towards their job and company. Mohave Generating Station was unique  Continue Reading »

Flume Walking – Crossroads (Southern California Edison)

Huell visits Edison’s historic Kaweah Hydroelectric Facility on the western slope of the Sierras above Visalia. He interviews Jim Kepner, an Edison carpenter, whose maintenance duties include regularly walking the six-mile long wooden flume that delivers snow-melt waters from the mountains to the electrical generators at the Kaweah facility. Edison’s history dates back more than  Continue Reading »

Edison’s Fuel Oil Operations – Crossroads (Southern California Edison)

Huell visits Edison’s Fuel Oil Storage Facility in Dominguez Hills and interviews Chuck Perry who’s responsible for the storage of 18 million barrels of oil that provide backup fuel for Edison’s electric generating plants that used natural gas as their primary fuel. Since then all of Edison’s generating plants, as well as the Dominguez Hills  Continue Reading »

Aircraft Operations – Crossroads (Southern California Edison)

Huell visits Edison’s Aircraft Operations Center in Chino and interviews Senior Captain Mark Kovaletz. Mark takes Huell for a helicopter ride and learns how the company uses its versatile helicopters not only for site inspections and survey work but more importantly, to perform aerial powerline construction in critical and at times, inaccessible locations. (July 1990)  Continue Reading »