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Tustin – Visiting (1509)

Huell Howser returns to Tustin, CA to the now closed MCAS base to revisit the historical blimp hangars. Huell returns to get an update about the many changes that have taken place since his previous visits. Huell’s previous visits to the hangars can be found by clicking on the links below: MCAS Tustin – Visiting  Continue Reading »

Soap – Visiting (1508)

In this episode of Visiting, Huell Howser heads to Old Town Pasadena to The Soap Kitchen where he learns about the process of making all natural, home-made soap from scratch.

Pizza – Visiting (1504)

Join Huell Howser as he begins his pizza adventure at the Village Pizzeria in Los Angeles, CA and heads to the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, NV. Huell Howser learns about the history of pizza and the process of making a pizza from scratch from pizzeria owner Steve Cohen. Then Huell joins Steve at  Continue Reading »

Big Dogs – Visiting (1302)

In this episode of Visiting, Huell Howser travels to Norco, CA to the Gentle Giants Rescue where they house giant breed dogs of all kinds for the purpose of setting them up for adoption to new homes.

Children’s Hospital – Visiting (1218)

Huell Howser revisits the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital to highlight the nurses of the hospital and their work.

S.S. Catalina – Visiting (736)

Huell Howser takes a trip to Ensenada, Mexico to visit the historic steam ship, S.S. Catalina. Often called the Great White Steamship, the S.S. Catalina was a ferry that transported over 24 million passengers from Catalina to Ensenada in its 50 year lifespan.

Ukulele – Visiting (732)

Join Huell Howser as he visits the Oasis Senior Center in Newport Beach, CA to meet with the Oasis Ukulele Strummers.

Tustin and El Toro – Visiting (727)

Huell Howser continues his visit to MCAS Tustin and MCAS El Toro to say farewell before the Marine facilities closures. Huell’s previous visit to MCAS Tustin can be found here: MCAS Tustin – Visiting (722)

MCAS Tustin – Visiting (722)

In this episode, Huell Howser visits the Marine Corps. Air Station, Tustin, CA to bid farewell. Huell visits the military base to explore the two historical blimp hangars before the permanent closure of the station. This episode looks back Huell’s previous visit to the hangars in 1994 in his California’s Gold episode (here). Click the  Continue Reading »

Mars – Visiting (520)

Huell Howser visits the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) to explore the continual fascination with Mars.