Little Hollywood Cars – California’s Gold (3005)

When do you think the economy car hit the American market? Most people would say the ’70s or maybe the ’60s, but you might be surprised to know that in 1930, the American Austin car company premiered a miniature car that could get 40 miles to the gallon. The cars were not a huge success with the general public, but Hollywood fell in love! Huell visits with a man who has the largest collection of these little cars in the world. We’ll see some great cars and look at some fun film clips from Hollywood’s golden age.

Have you ever wondered what happens to the countless cars that have been driven over cliffs, crushed, crashed and blown up in thousands of movies? Most of those cars were miniature cars that were built for the movies and believe it or not, there is a man who has a huge collection of these “movie” cars. Huell gets a special look at some very unique little Hollywood cars.