Will Rogers – California’s Gold (3007)

Will Rogers has got to be one of the all time great American characters. Often called the “Cowboy Philosopher”, he kept America laughing through some of it’s toughest years. Will was a radio commentator, news-paper columnist, and motion picture star. In 1922 Will bought property above Sunset Blvd. and built a summer cottage. The family loved the place so much that Will had a proper ranch built and the family moved there in 1928. In 1944 after the death of Mrs. Rogers, the property became Will Rogers State Historic Park and is now a well loved tourist destination. The ranch has been perfectly maintained and is filled with all of the Rogers family original furnishings and memorabilia. It’s like stepping back into Will’s boots. What makes Huell’s tour so special, is that its given by Will’s last remaining child Jimmie Rogers. Jimmie grew up at the ranch and shares many wonderful memories of a home that was dearly loved by all. This program is now itself a part of California’s history because shortly after the interview was filmed, Jimmie Rogers passed away. From the ranch buildings to the polo fields that Will hosted many matches on, to the personal remembrances of his son, it’s a tour you won’t want to miss.
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