Works out, good with kids, and a romantic?
Sounds like the perfect guy. Our perfect guy to be exact.

1. Fitness is a priority. Yeah, he works out.

Video by @ChapmanU on Instagram

2. He photobombs… and owns it.

3. He takes naps because naps are awesome.

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4. He wants YOU to support your fellow Panthers.

5. He and Charles Chapman are tight.

6. He’s a connoisseur of abstract art pieces.

7. President Doti and Pete are besties.

8. He’s comfortable in his own fur.

9. He’s a romantic.

Photo by @ChapmanU on Instagram.

10. He’s in it for the long run, literally.

Photo by Chapman Sports via Instagram

11. He’s all about the selfies.

Photo by LifeatCU via Instagram

12. He knows how to get down.

13. He makes everyone feel loved.

14. He’s good with kids.


15. He finds his inner feline. Namaste.

Co-written by Sheri Lehman.