Chapman University embraces the philosophy that learning can take place beyond the classroom. From Spain to Italy, Israel to China, students of all majors can expand their cultural awareness and study a subject in further depth through a travel course. These courses are available to the entire Chapman community! Participants can think critically, ask questions, do research, and study a foreign language – all while exploring a new place.

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london-tcIn the Summer 2015, the Graphic Design Program will present ART 393: Sustainable Design Principles (and Practice) in London, United Kingdom. Participants visiting London will focus on how sustainable design practices will be worked into design solutions by visiting a variety of professional businesses. There will also be off-site visits to design studios, museums, and places where design practices are a strong focus.
If you have questions, please contact Professor Chimenti at 714.997.6807 or

If you are interested in learning French near the fresh Mediterranean sea, the Summer 2015 Travel Course to france-tcNice, France may be for you. Nice, the Capital of the French Riviera is a lively city, with carnival and cultural events running all year round. With 19 museums and galleries, and 32 classified historical monuments, there is a lot to explore! Participants enrolled in FREN 101, 201, 345, & 399 will be receiving fast-paced and dynamic specialized French language classes where they will be expected to interact in both written and oral French. 
If you have any questions, please contact Professor Boitano at

rome-tcHistory lovers can embark on a journey to Rome, Italy where they will study the city’s history through multiple field excursions and museum visits. HIST 346J Historical Rome will explore religion, politics, the growth of the Roman city-state, Italian nationalism, the Renaissance, and modern-day Italy. Participants will be visiting the Coliseum, dine near the Pantheon, receive walking tours of Pompeii, and more.
If you have any questions, please contact Professor Cumiford at

The summer can be a time for you to get your hands dirty, make ground-breaking discoveries, and israel-tcengage in the field of archaeology. REL 415 The Archaeology of Ancient Israel, Field and Lab Methods will provide participants with the opportunity to search for answers to questions of the past. This course is intended for the curious, patient, and creative minds. If you love solving mysteries, history, and fieldwork, consider going to Israel this summer.
If you have any questions, please contact Professor Bidmead at

china-summer-tcDo you want to return home with a new group of friends and a deeper understanding of Chinese history and culture? Do you want to learn how you can foster innovation in global business and international relations? Consider BUS 494: Politics, Finance, Governance, and Trade. Participants will be attending the US-China Student Summit to discuss important topics related to US-Chinese relations, listen to high level speakers, engage in panel discussions, and break out into discussions with Chinese peers. Outside of the summit, students will be visiting some of the most treasured and revered sites in Beijing and Shanghai.
 If you have any questions, please contact either Professor Wihlborg at 714.628.7306 or Professor Murphy at

Prospective teachers or those interested in education will find EDUC 402, 501, 635 2ndLanguage Acquisition/Education Workshop a rewarding This Summer 2015 Travel Course to Madrid, Spain will examine culture, language, and student-teacher interactions within classroom settings. Participants in the course will take away a rich reflection on how they can improve their lesson plans for students with diverse backgrounds. If you have any questions, please contact Professor Colon-Muniz at 714.744.7955 or


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