For most of us, the anticipation and excitement of the upcoming
Chapman Family Homecoming Celebration
is just hitting us, but for our dedicated student-athletes, moments like these have been a constant motivator throughout their lives.

Chapman offers 20 intercollegiate varsity athletic teams including football, soccer, basketball, and swimming. Chapman is affiliated with the NCAA’s Division III, the NCAA’s largest division, and is the only NCAA football program in Orange County. There are 400-plus schools nationwide within Division III, most similar to Chapman as far as student population and academic standards. The university began its membership in Division III during the 1994-95 school year, following a transition from NCAA Division II.

The Division III athlete is an exceptional form of student fueled by pure passion for the game. These individuals are motivated not by athletic scholarship or ESPN highlights, but by a burning desire to play, to win and to excel both physically and mentally.

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By choosing a Division III school, Chapman athletes get to contend in a highly competitive athletics program, while still retaining the full spectrum of college life. A main characteristic of Division III athletics is that the NCAA does not allow members to award any type of scholarship or financial aid based on athletic ability. Removing monetary incentives creates an atmosphere based on pure devotion to their game and teammates. Dedication is an understatement for these students.


Garrett Frediani (Photo by Larry Newman)

That includes Garrett Frediani, a fourth-year linebacker and Business Administration major. Like every student-athlete, Frediani is willing to juggle rigorous academics, extreme physical training and all the other social activities offered during their college experience.

As Chapman’s Homecoming football game nears, we wanted to spotlight Frediani as one of our biggest assets, on and off the field.

What fires up every football team each year? “Homecoming,” Garrett Frediani says with a big grin. “It’s the biggest event on campus: the stands are packed, students are cheering from behind both end zones. It’s really special to be a part of the experience and get to play in front of your family in that environment.”

Orange is Frediani’s hometown, which makes Homecoming that much more special to him. This is his community, where he grew up and played football at El Modena High School, just three miles east of Chapman. This will be his last Homecoming game as a player and student at Chapman.

Frediani is also returning to a Chapman football team that is coming off its best season in years, having just won a SCIAC title in 2014, Chapman University’s first in football. For Frediani, this means 2015 is bigger than any year he’s had before.

“Now it’s about defending the title, which takes a bit more effort and focus than it did last year to win it,” said Frediani. “To win another SCIAC Championship, it means doing a little extra than the other teams to stay on top.”


Frediani (36) breaks up a pass against Claremont-Mudd-Scripps. (Photo by Larry Newman)

Frediani would know about putting in the extra mile. The linebacker not only crushes his opponents on the gridiron every Saturday, but also pummels midterms and presentations as a Business Administration major during the other six days of the week.

“It’s become easier each semester to balance academics and athletics. Some days I study film for that week’s game, and other days I’m studying graphs for that week’s quiz.” Graphs, numbers and statistics are part of every business student’s life, but Frediani manages to combine his passions for optimal success. It’s all for the endgame.

His passion to perform is what drives Frediani, and what makes him a strong player on any platform. Every student-athlete at Chapman brings with them a dedication and passion that brings life to the campus. Once the game starts, don’t get in the way of a Chapman student-athlete.

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