Nina LeNoir, Vice Chancellor of Undergraduate Education, and Anat Herzog, Doctoral Candidate, co-chair the Curriculum Task Force, a part of the Chapman Diversity Project.

The Curriculum Task Force is excited to continue working on our long list of goals for this year. This semester we are setting the foundations for a number of important action items that we hope will have both long-term effects, and immediate impact for students and the Chapman community.
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One of the projects that we are excited to have members participating in is the reconstruction of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer (LGBTQ) Studies Minor. In direct response to student and faculty input, members of the Advisory Group on the Status of LGBTQ Communities have focused on the minor, which is in the process of being better understood, developed, and made sustainable and accessible to students. We hope that course offerings in that minor will reflect the rigorous, personal education of distinction that characterizes Chapman’s strengths. Members of our committee have dedicated themselves to this collaborative effort and we are excited to continue to see the progress they make as the year progresses. This effort is one aspect of a larger project to work through the various programs of study offered at Chapman to see where similar issues arise.

Broadly, we are working out ways to understand how diversity is represented in the current scope of course offerings at Chapman. In our meetings, we are developing what will become a curriculum diversity inventory to better understand the frequency and depth with which diversity is represented in our curriculum. With this, we continue to make attempts at consensus around which aspects of diversity are important for us to better understand and how we might go about gaining insight in ways that also respect diversity and inclusion. The diversity inventory of the course catalogue is something that we hope will provide a foundation from which each college might make meaning of their own course offerings with respect to diversity and inclusion. In doing this, we believe that colleges, which each have their own unique culture, needs, and resources, will be able to use the insight gained from the diversity inventory to address issues of diversity and inclusion in their curriculum. In this effort, we are working with the Demographics Task Force and Department of Student Engagement. Additionally, we plan to work with volunteers to survey the Chapman course catalogue. If you are interested in supporting this project, please contact us!

Additional projects we are currently working on include: student recognition of faculty for efforts in diversity and inclusion; developing resources for faculty and staff who are interested in infusing diversity into their courses or learning experiences; facilitating growth in interdisciplinary partnerships and co-curricular partnerships; developing experiences for faculty to better understand issues of diversity and inclusion; and more!

For more information, contact Nina LeNoir, and Anat Herzog,


*Upcoming Events*

Faculty and Staff Safe Space Workshop;October 26; 2pm-4:30pm, register here:

To Capture the Fire: The Life and Works of Elie Wiesel October 27; 4 p.m.; Beckman Hall Room 404

Gender Inclusive Restroom Day; October 28; Various Locations; Sponsored by Cross-Cultural Engagement