The Chapman University Faculty Senate recently approved moving the end of semester course evaluations that students complete to an online format. Starting with Schmid College of Science & Technology classes this fall, it is estimated that within the next year all ten schools/colleges at Chapman will participate.

It’s estimated that the change to online administration will save approximately 100,000 sheets of paper annually and hundreds of hours of work currently spent scanning and processing student responses. Moving online is not only ecologically-friendly, but the speed with which the evaluation reports will be able to be returned to the Chapman faculty members means they will be able to address student feedback much faster with future courses.

The project is a collaboration between the Institute for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (IETL) and Information Systems & Technology. To prepare for the transition, the software platform that runs the evaluation system has been upgraded, an additional server installed, and a PR campaign launched to educate the students and faculty members about the change.

Students will be able to complete the evaluations on any internet-enabled device, including their mobile phones. Students will receive an email on Nov. 28 for every course they are enrolled in participating in the online administration. They include all undergraduate and graduate classes with these prefixes: BIOL, BCHM, CHEM, CPSC, MATH, SE, FSN, ENV, CS and PHYS. All student feedback is completely anonymous, and most students this semester will be completing the evaluations during class. Students who cannot use computing devices for accessibility reasons may obtain a paper survey by contacting the Office of Student Disability Services.

True to the Schmid College spirit of experimentation, students in six classes will be asked to complete their evaluations outside of class time, in order for us to gain feedback on their experience and compare their completion rates to classes where the surveys are done during class. “Outside of class” administration is the most prevalent form of online evaluation administration at campuses across the country, but has not yet been used at Chapman.

For more information on our online Course Evaluation project, please contact Dr. Roxanne Miller, IETL Director, at