Professor Kyndra Rotunda, a former Army JAG Officer and Professor of Military & Veterans Law here at Chapman University, has just published a new book entitled “Civil Protections and Remedies for Servicemembers.” It’s published by Thomson/Reuters. This book is Rotunda’s third book in the mil/vets law genre, and is uniquely tailored to practicing lawyers. It is a well-researched, easy to understand guide that is valuable for beginning and experienced legal practitioners alike. Rotunda takes the guesswork out of representing servicemembers and veterans. The book analyzes several areas of law including the Federal Torst Claim Act, The Feres Bar, the Service Member Civil Relief Act, Military Disability Boards, Discharge Review Boards, and more.  It also incorporates a “Military 101 Primer” chapter for civilian lawyers, and law students, needing to know Military basics. Drawing from her 17 years of experience in the area of law, the book also proposes and discusses legal reform regarding VA benefits and military sexual/assault harassment policy.

Professor Rotunda heads up Chapman’s Military and Veterans Law Institute, which began as a law school clinic in 2008 and grew into a standalone Institute, devoted to Mil/Vets law work, in 2011. The Institute offers competitive Fellowships for law students each semester. Anyone wanting more information about Fellowships, or her new book should contact Professor Rotunda directly,