We know that reflecting on learning helps us retain and consolidate our experiences.  When looking for student opportunities for reflection, a tool like Edublogs can make a reflection exercise fun, relevant, and encourage a broader audience.

Edublogs as a professional portfolio

Ask students to choose samples of their best work and then provide context, explaining why it’s their best work.

Edublogs as a reflection journal

A blog can make a great platform for a dedicated reflection journal. Reflection journals can be very helpful when you want students to see the relationship between theory and their real lived experience.

Edublogs for … blogging!

When students have a real audience, writing experiences become more valuable. Blogging platforms make it easy to bring in links, videos, documents, and images. Need ideas? Check out Vanderbilt University’s resource page.

Getting Started with Edublogs

Edublogs is a blogging platform available for free via your Chapman credentials! Instructors can request a class blog that everyone posts to, or they can request individual blogs so each person can create their own space. To request blogs for your class, visit https://sites.chapman.edu/