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Auditing your videos in YuJa

October 15, 2022 by | YuJa

According to the posted timeline, you will lose access to Panopto in November 2022. Please take the time to audit your videos and ensure that the videos you expect to see in YuJa are there. Note:  Videos in Panopto from July, 2022 to present will NOT be migrated. You will need to do these manually.

YuJa Updates: Pause Recording Indicator

September 20, 2022 by | YuJa

This YuJa update provides a clear reminder for the Presenter when a recording is paused. You can enable the option for an on-screen indicator that clearly lets you know you have paused your recording. 1. Launch the YuJa Software capture application and close the capture window. 2. Navigate to the YuJa icon in your system’s

YuJa Updates: Alternate Installer

September 20, 2022 by | YuJa

The Alternate Installer in YuJa will allow users who do not have local administrative rights on their computer to install and change settings within YuJa Software Capture. It can be installed through the user’s My Account. At this time the Alternative Installer is only available for Windows PC users with the Instructor role in YuJa.

YuJa Updates: Mouse Effect

September 20, 2022 by | YuJa

YuJa has updated its system for Windows PC to allow for a Mouse Effect. This update allows for a highlight to indicate when the mouse is being clicked in a video. It will help someone follow along the screen. This can be especially helpful during software demonstrations. 1. Launch the YuJa Software capture application and

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