Dear alumni,

I am honored and proud to serve our alma mater as your new Alumni Association president.

Each of us is a member of a greater university community and the Alumni Association is in place to encourage us to be active and engaged members of that community. Over the past year, the University has partnered with the Alumni Association to articulate the demands and needs of our alumni to help revitalize our alumni base and their connection to our amazing school.

The Alumni Association has been restructured and, through its committees, is charged with developing services and programs for alumni, promoting annual giving, creating opportunities for career development and outreach, and engaging faculty, staff, and students in the alumni community.

This commitment to our alumni will allow for our 7,566 Chapman students to join a sustainable, tenacious, and able alumni community.

The Alumni Association is not only your conduit for ties to college days past, but is now a thriving network of benefits — both social and tangible — for today and the years to come. I would encourage you to browse these benefits and, if you have not done so already, sign up for your
FREE alumni identification card
to access a multitude of discounts on everything from airport parking to movie tickets. To register, please visit

Our progress and efforts were seen at this year’s Homecoming celebration that brought over 4,000 members of the Chapman Family from all over the country.

As president of the Alumni Association, my goal is to continue to build value to our alumni community. Value is defined and established differently by every member. Overall, I would encourage you to reconnect with the University. Whether it is attending a Chapman sporting event, acting as a mentor through the career services office, or serving on a committee for the Alumni Association, I look forward to seeing you and your families strengthen our community. I encourage you to contact me with any ideas, questions, or concerns. I can be reached by e-mail at:
. The University and I are here for
– our loyal alumni.

With Panther Pride,

Jimmy Blalock (J.D. ’09)

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