The Greek Alumni Committee was formed in response to the recent
Greek Alumni survey
. This is the first time that Greek Alumni have come together to build and foster the strong community that they enjoyed as a student. The committee will focus on communications, events and programs, and building the Greek Endowment. We want to have representation from all houses and we currently have some openings. If you are interested in making a difference in the Greek Alumni community, this is your opportunity. Whether you live close to campus or not, we have many ways for you to be involved.

We are looking for representatives from Alpha Delta Phi (Adelphos), Alpha Epsilon Pi, Alpha Gamma Delta (AGD), Alpha Phi, Beta Theta Pi (Beta), Delta Delta Delta (Tri Delt), Delta Tau Delta (Delts), Kappa Kappa Gamma (Kappa), Phi Delta Theta (Phi Delt), Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI), Phi Kappa Tau (Phi Tau), Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) and Sigma Alpha Mu (Sammy).

Check out the alumni who are already working on strengthing the connection for Greek Alumni. You may see some familiar faces. Read about why they joined and what they hope to achieve!

If you are interested in getting involved, contact Jessica (Price) Schulte ’11, alumni engagement manager, at
or 714-628-2777. Our next meeting is Tuesday, January 6, 2015 from 6:30 – 8 p.m. on campus. You can also conference call in.

Chapter Representatives

Alpha Delta Phi (Adelphos)


Derek Porcella ’08, Adelpho

“I joined the Greek Alumni Committee because I want to be an active member of the Alumni and I identify with my fraternity more closely than with Chapman University as a whole. I believe the Greek Alumni Committee is important because it provides a unique opportunity for Chapman graduates to remain involved with the university and its students.” –
Derek Porcella ’08
, Adelpho, Communications Committee


Alpha Gamma Delta


Emily Spahn ’13, Alpha Gamma Delta

“I joined because after recently graduating and being local, I wanted to continue to be involved with the Chapman Greek community, since it was so influential in my time attending. With being a part of the Greek Endowment committee, my aim is to drive other alumni to create a legacy for current actives and actives to come.” –
Emily Spahn ’13
, Alpha Gamma Delta, Greek Endowment Committee


Alpha Phi


Dana Heyde ’02, Alpha Phi

“As the owner of a law firm in Orange, I am proud to tell clients that my roots with the community extend back to my college days at Chapman University. I am interested in joining the Greek Alumni Committee not only as a way to reconnect with other Chapman alumni, but also to foster the growth and success of the students who make up Chapman’s Greek system. I believe that the collaborate events that fraternities provide to students are essential to maximizing the college experience and learning skills that will assist students in their careers after graduation. I look forward to assisting the students in these ways through my participation Greek Alumni Committee.” –
Dana Heyde ’02
, Alpha Phi

Delta Gamma


Leika Arrieta ’05, Delta Gamma, Greek Endowment Committee

“Since I’ve been involved with my chapter since graduation, I felt joining this committee would enable me to help improve Chapman’s Greek community and give back and further a program that played such a large part in my life as a student. The Greek Alumni Committee is important as it informs and involves Greek Alumni, current students and the university. All of our efforts and combined resources can truly further the Greek community in programming and scholarship, develop even stronger leadership, and enhance the experience for current students.” –
Leika Arrieta ’05
, Delta Gamma, Greek Endowment Committee


Carla Matthews ’89, Delta Gamma

“I joined to strengthen the Greek Alumni presence at Chapman University. When I think back on my Chapman years, the time I spent as a Delta Gamma is foremost in my mind and the bond of sisterhood that resulted from it helped shape who I am today. I hope to support current Greek members during their time at Chapman and create a place where they can continue to be connected to Greek life after graduation.” –
Carla Matthews ’89
, Delta Gamma



Gamma Phi Beta


Thania Guardino ’11, Gamma Phi Beta

“I joined the committee because I missed the community of Chapman and Greek Life. Our years at Chapman are so memorable, then we graduate and the journey ends. My hope is the Greek Alumni committee will invigorate the alumni community, and it will be the catalyst to an overall better alumni experience.” –
Thania Guardino ’11
, Gamma Phi Beta



Sarah Barton

“I joined the Greek Alumni Committee because I am so proud to call myself a Chapman Greek. I volunteer for my sorority, Gamma Phi Beta, at the international level, and I get to see up close just how respected Chapman University Greek life is across the board. Chapman has cultivated a very special Greek community that has gotten the Greek thing right, and I’m proud to be a part of that.” –
Sarah Barton ’06 (M.A. ’13)
, Gamma Phi Beta


Kappa Alpha Theta


Deanna Blanchet ’12, Kappa Alpha Theta, Greek Endowment Committee

“I’m constantly impressed by the accomplishments I see from the Chapman Greek both students and alumni.  I joined the committee because creating a venue to invite Greek Alumni to reconnect and engage with new faces will hopefully lead to meaningful collaboration & friendships.  The Greek Alumni Committee is important because it works to turn real feedback from alumni into new desired events and opportunities.  I’m excited to work on the Greek Endowment Fund with the hopes that it will strengthen existing student programming and create new and exciting experiences.” –
Deanna Blanchet ’12
, Kappa Alpha Theta, Greek Endowment Committee

Phi Kappa Tau

Al Raitt ’10
, Events and Programming Committee

Phi Sigma Sigma


Katie Vlietstra Wonnenberg ’03, Phi Sigma Sigma

“Participating on the Greek Alumni Committee is just another way to give back to both the Chapman and Greek community! I am happy to support the training and development of the next generation of leaders through the fraternity and sorority experience.” –
Katie Vlietstra Wonnenberg ’03
, Phi Sigma Sigma


Alison Conners ’10
, Events and Programming Committee

Pi Kappa Alpha


Cory Parker ’05, Pi Kappa Alpha

“I joined the committee in order to represent Chapman Greeks here in Los Angeles, and reconnect with my greater Greek family, both active and alumni. It’s important to me to promote and continue fostering our community and values after college. There’s a lot of Chapman Greeks in Los Angeles, and I’m working to remind them that Chapman is only one county away!” - 
Cory Parker ’05
, Pi Kappa Alpha



Jason Burris ’02 (J.D. ’08), Pi Kappa Alpha, Greek Endowment Committee

“I was encouraged by my wife, Ariana Burris (JD ’09) and Jessica (Price) Schulte ’11 to join the committee. After not being too involved with pledges, actives or alums for over a decade, I felt called to serve the Chapman Greek community that embraced me with open arms and afforded me opportunities in leadership, friendship, my career, and helped shape my undergraduate experience. What I aim to achieve: By inviting more alums to become active in the Greek alumni community, I want to make the endowment a vehicle that provides the positive experience I had as a member and leader of the Chapman Greek community to more students.” - 
Jason Burris ’02 (JD ’08)
, Pi Kappa Alpha, Greek Endowment Committee