1. How long have you been working at Chapman / how did you get here?

This year will be my third year with Chapman. Prior to, I coached cross country and track at both my high school and collage alma maters. Head Coach DeAndra’e Woods and I shared mutual friends and connections, and he reached out about the opportunities available at Chapman. He shared his vision of what he wanted to build here; and I was hooked to be a part of it.

  1. What’s your favorite story from working at Chapman?

My favorite story would have to be attending the Angel’s game when our baseball team was recognized on field for winning the 2019 National championship. It was a great experience and just a proud moment to share their accomplishments. Baseball Coach Laverty passes our office daily and we get to chat about the teams and the season. It is very rewarding to hear their success from start to finish and all that goes into it.

  1. What’s the best part about working with student-athletes at Chapman?

I admire the dedication to placing higher standards on themselves. Definitely not one dimensional; they are driven to succeed in athletics, the classroom, and clubs/groups around campus. They are not wasting any time to utilize unique opportunities around campus for student engagement. I truly am very lucky to have the opportunity to coach some fantastic individuals.

  1. What is the best moment from your couple of years of coaching at Chapman?

In my short time here my favorite two moments are:

First, Fall of 2018; my first semester coaching cross country, when a small team of 6 women fought at conference to secure a 6th place team finish out of 9. Might not sound extreme, but when you are running against teams 3 to 4 times your size it’s a huge feat. Also, that same year helping our former athlete, Arabella Reese, accomplish becoming Chapman’s first women’s cross country National Qualifier.


Second would have to be this past year’s men’s and women’s cross country teams taking the highest GPA award. We are very proud, especially seeing as the majority of our team were freshman. Having to adjust to college life is difficult enough, and to show such focus is something to be proud of. On top of that, these athletes are pulling (time-wise) some of the top teams in all of Chapman’s history.

5. Anything else you want to say to Alumni?

Thank you for your continued support! When games, events, and races start returning, please come out and support our student athletes. We love seeing our panther pride; and as you can remember, it makes for memories these athletes won’t forget.