1. How long have you been working at Chapman / how did you get here?

I think about 25 years! The previous AD, Dave Currey, brought me out to Chapman during the summer to show me around. I coached his son at the high school level. I fell in love with Chapman and said if a job ever came up to let me know.

  1. What’s your favorite story from working at Chapman?

It’s not really a story, but I have had two sons and two daughters-in-law attend Chapman. I have had the absolute joy of coaching with two sons at Chapman.

  1. What’s the best part about working with student-athletes at Chapman?

I am amazed every day at what they do academically with the extra load that I put on them to be successful in the pool.

  1. Anything else you want to say to alumni?

I am amazed how many of my alumni I still have contact with. I love hearing about their professional jobs but also their families.  They are successful in every aspect of life. I have been invited to countless weddings; I am so honored.