What has been one of your favorite memories as a coach/player or both?

“I have many favorite memories while coaching here at Chapman. Looking back, most of my favorite memories are with the athletes and staff members while traveling or off the court.”

What has been the most rewarding part of coaching at Chapman?

“I really enjoy watching volleyball players grow into themselves over their four years of college. I feel like a proud parent watching them grow up. I also enjoy seeing the alumni players and their families when they come back to visit the campus or play in the alumni game.”

Where do you see the chapman volleyball program going in the next few years?

“I hope that the volleyball program continues to be successful in the SCIAC conference and also continues to gain national recognition, qualifying for NCAA playoffs.”

Anything else you want to add or say to our alumni?

“I feel very lucky that I have been the Chapman’s volleyball coach for over 30+ years and have been able be a small part of the Chapman experience with so many female athletes!”