With the launch of The Panther Network, connecting with fellow panthers has never been easier. Featuring direct messaging and voice-call capabilities on the platform’s Alumni Directory, you can now effortlessly rekindle old friendships and forge new connections. So why wait? Get started reconnecting today!

5 Panthers to Reconnect With:

  1. Your College Roommate: Reconnect with the person you shared a dorm room with during your first years. Share a laugh and reminisce about the early days of college life.
  2. Favorite Study Buddy: Reach out to the friend who helped you survive those late-night study sessions. Remember the caffeinated study marathons and celebrate the hard work that forged a lasting bond.
  3. Class Project Collaborator: Reconnect with a classmate who was your partner in navigating challenging assignments and projects. Share stories of overcoming academic obstacles together and the sense of accomplishment that came with it.
  4. Your Campus Event Plus One: Who was always by your side at campus events and parties? Recall the unforgettable moments at concerts, sports games, or themed parties that made college life so vibrant.
  5. Club or Organization Comrade: Locate a friend from a club or organization you both were part of. Recall the shared goals, events organized, and the unique experiences that defined your time in that group.

Haven’t joined The Panther Network yet? Claim your account in less than two minutes and instantly connect with Chapman alumni.