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California Alliance for Inclusive Schooling Organizational Meeting

October 29, 2018 by | Thompson Policy Institute

The California Alliance for Inclusive Schooling (CAIS) had its first meeting on October 18, 2018 at the California Council on Teacher Education conference.  CAIS emerged from recent statewide conversations regarding how best to support inclusive teacher preparation programs to ensure good schools for all students. The mission of the Alliance is to support, unify, and

Is it Time for the Current Life After High School Transition Model for Teens and Young Adults with Disabilities to Finally Face the Wrecking Ball? By Stephen Hinkle, Self-Advocate, Chapman Ph.D. Student

October 13, 2018 by | Thompson Policy Institute

This is the question many, including myself in the disability field, are starting to ask. Historically, transition programs of most school districts have been geared toward students with disabilities staying on the high school campus, not graduating with a high school diploma and instead getting a certificate of attendance. Such a certificate is practically worthless

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