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Daring to Gaze An In Depth Analysis of Judie Bamber's Work

March 1, 2017 by | Art Collections at Chapman University

If You Come Any Closer I’ll Kill You—this is the title of the pair of paintings that reside in Beckman Hall as a part of the Escalette Collection of Art here at Chapman University. The pieces are by Los Angeles based artist Judie Bamber. The pair of paintings are square in shape, relatively small in

Jorge Benitez It's All in Perspective

October 13, 2016 by | Art Collections at Chapman University

In our current society we often hear that the Middle East and the West are two completely different societies with conflicting cultures, but in fact, Middle Eastern and Western cultures have much more in common than we may think. These similarities are evident in the art exhibition Geometric Aljamía (displayed at Chapman University on the second

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