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New Antivirus For Campus Comupters Cylance Protect Antivirus

January 8, 2019 by | Information Systems & Technology

IS&T recently deployed a new antivirus software called Cylanceprotect to all computers across the campus.  Here is what you can expect to see with the new Antivirus software. Blocked Files: PC users, If an application is detected by Cylance, you may receive a pop-up like the one shown below immediately after launching the program. This occurs

Sextortion for Cryptocurrency Scare tactics in email phishing

November 19, 2018 by | Information Systems & Technology

When it comes to phishing, there are no rules or boundaries. Cyber attackers will try anything to convince, trick, and even scare you into giving them access to your private information or money. Our information security team is continuously intercepting email phishing attempts on a daily basis. Some are more aggressive than others. One such

Is Your Home a Haven for Online Safety?

October 2, 2018 by | Information Systems & Technology

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and our Information Security team would like Chapman University to champion cyber security awareness.  Each week has its own theme, and this week’s them discusses online safety in a “connected home”. When it comes to online safety at home, everyone in the household is responsible. Having a “connected

No Cell Signal? No Problem! Try WiFi Calling

September 10, 2018 by | Information Systems & Technology

WiFi Calling is a great way to around poor cell tower signal.  With WiFi calling it doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you are connected to the eduroam wifi network.  All major service providers (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.) have wifi calling available for their smartphone customers.  For more information about how to activate

Visitor Management System New check-in service for our Rinker campus in Irvine, CA

May 14, 2018 by | Information Systems & Technology

IS&T is excited to tell you about our new Visitor Management System at the Rinker Health Science Campus in Irvine.  Part of keeping our campus safe is knowing who is in our buildings at all times. The Visitor Management System is helping our campus safety personnel better track guest, volunteer, and delivery activity on campus. 

PeopleTools Upgrade Update Clearing your internet browser cache

May 7, 2018 by | Information Systems & Technology

Hello Fellow Panther’s, As many of you are already aware, there was a PeopleSoft / Tools upgrade completed over this past weekend.  Even though the upgrade was successful, there was an unexpected issue with the internet browser caching causing reports not to open.  Below, we have provided some easy to follow instructions on how to

Tech Hub Grand Opening – DeMille 104 February 15th. Open to All!

February 8, 2018 by | Information Systems & Technology

Please join us on February 15th for the Grand Opening of the Chapman TechHub located in 104 DeMille.  The event begins at 11:30, and goes until 6.  Feel free to drop in at any time during the day.  A full schedule can be found at The brand new Tech Hub will be an open

Welcome Back!

February 7, 2018 by | Information Systems & Technology

Happy New Year and welcome back!  IS&T is excited to share some our new tools and services with you. TECH HUB We are excited to announce the opening of the new Tech Hub in DeMille 104. The Tech Hub is a welcoming space on campus for collaboration around all things technology. We welcome students, faculty and

Student Financial Information SCAM Students beware!

January 29, 2018 by | Information Systems & Technology

Hello fellow panthers, The department of Information Security and the Student Business office would like to make all students aware of a cyber scam that is targeting students in an attempt to steal their financial information. Here is how the scam works: The bad guys send the user an email pretending to be from the

Online Safety Data Privacy Day Webinar - Staying Safe Online

January 25, 2018 by | Information Systems & Technology

As part of an ongoing international effort to spread awareness about online safety, the National Cyber Security Alliance is hosting events today to help everyone around the world stay say online.  Today at 10:30am, Linkedin will be hosing a live webinar from San Francisco, CA, titled “Respecting Privacy, Safeguarding Data and Enabling Trust.” Please join

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