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MyAnalytics Microsoft's MyAnalytics services have been turned off.

December 5, 2019 by | Information Systems & Technology

What is MyAnalytics? MyAnalytics is a Microsoft Office 365 application designed to help you gain insight into how and who you spend your time, with the goal of optimizing tasks and making you more efficient. For those who are using MyAnayltics, please be aware that IS&T has turned off the services on all university owned

Browser Update October 31 Scheduled update for CU's web content management system

October 30, 2019 by | Information Systems & Technology

On Friday, October 31st, our web content management system that manages our Chapman website will be updated between 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm (PST). There will be no downtime during the upgrade process; however, after the update the web content management system will detect if users are running an older browser version. If so, the

New Email Filtering System

September 17, 2019 by | Information Systems & Technology

Recently, the campus has moved its’ email to Office 365. For more information on Office 365, please visit We will also be offering some “Tips & Tricks in Office 365” classes through the Fall (see below). One of the advantages of this platform is that spam mail is now handled right in your mailbox

Zoom Meeting Security Flaw

July 9, 2019 by | Information Systems & Technology

On July 7th, 2019, Zoom discovered a security flaw in the latest Mac Zoom Client version. This flaw could allow any malicious website to force a user into a zoom call while enabling their web camera without their permission.  Another potential issue would be where a the malicious websites can lock up a computer by

External Email Notification System New tool to help identify outside email address.

April 29, 2019 by | Information Systems & Technology

The “External Email Notification” system is a new feature notifies Chapman University users when an email is from a non Chapman University user account. When receiving emails from non Chapman University accounts, users will see a yellow banner across the top of the email. The image below demonstrates how the email notification will look. Similarly,

Peoplesoft 9.2 Upgrade Look

March 20, 2019 by | Information Systems & Technology

Dear Chapman Panthers,   As you may have already heard, over this past weekend IS&T successfully completed the Peoplesoft “Campus Solutions” 9.2 upgrade. We are aware that there is a new “look” to the system that may take some time to get used to.   We encourage users to contact the Service Desk at for

Peoplesoft “Campus Solutions” 9.2 Upgrade Paving the way for future system upgrades

March 18, 2019 by | Information Systems & Technology

Over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend, IS&T successfully performed a major upgrade to the Peoplesoft “Campus Solutions” system to the latest 9.2 version. While this may not seem like much right now, this latest version is the foundation for future upgrades to Student Center and Faculty Center. After the upgrade you may have noticed some

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Available to ALL Faculty and Staff Full access at no cost to you or your department.

March 13, 2019 by | Information Systems & Technology

IS&T is excited to announce that all Faculty and Staff now have full and FREE access to the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. You may download and install Adobe Creative Cloud on Chapman-owned and personal computers.  You may install it on as many devices as you need however, only two connections may be simultaneously active.   Again, there

Outlook Migration to Office 365 Cloud

February 18, 2019 by | Information Systems & Technology

Over the next several weeks, IS&T will be migrating all faculty and staff Outlook email accounts from our on-premise servers to Office 365 cloud. Moving to the cloud will offer users new and improved emailing features. Although the migration to the cloud is a big move, the user experience will remain the same. There will

Chapman University Information Security Upgrade 2019 New security services to help stop unauthorized users

February 18, 2019 by | Information Systems & Technology

Recently, the FBI released a statement warning universities around the country that hackers are targeting their payroll departments. Chapman University has already made the necessary changes and is staying ahead of the curve. THE SCAM: Hackers send out an email to university employees and faculty saying that there was an issue with their payroll information

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