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Understanding Patches and Software Updates CSAM: Week 4 Information Security Best Practices

October 21, 2022 by | Information Systems & Technology

Update your software! Bad actors will exploit flaws in the system. Network defenders are working hard to fix them as soon as they can, but their work relies on all of us updating our software with their latest fixes. We recommend the following: Update the operating system on your mobile phones, tablets, and laptop Update

Don’t Get Phished! CSAM: Week 3 Recognizing and reporting Phishing

October 12, 2022 by | Information Systems & Technology

What is a phishing attack? Phishing is a form of social engineering. Phishing attacks use email or malicious websites to solicit personal information by posing as a trustworthy organization. For example, an attacker may send an email seemingly from a reputable credit card company or financial institution that requests account information, often suggesting that there

#BeCyberSmart: Use a strong password CSAM: Week 2 Password Security (win prizes)

October 4, 2022 by | Information Systems & Technology

Creating a strong password is an essential step to protecting yourself online. Using long and complex passwords is one of the easiest ways to defend yourself from cybercrime. No citizen is immune to cyber risk, but #BeCyberSmart and you can minimize your chances of an incident. Simple Tips Creating a strong password is easier than

Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication to Increase Security CSAM: Week 1 Enable MFA to Increase Security (win prizes)

September 28, 2022 by | Information Systems & Technology

Have you ever worried about hackers getting into your accounts? Us too! The most common password in the country is still 123456. But maybe you have taken the time to come up with a password only you’ll know…Are you sure, though? If someone can guess your password from looking at your Facebook page, you are

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