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Why the Word ‘Genocide’ Matters Recognizing the Armenian Genocide

April 27, 2021 by | Holocaust Education

Marilyn J. Harran Professor of Religious Studies and History Stern Chair in Holocaust Education Chapman University On Saturday, April 24, for the first time, a U.S. president officially referred to the mass murder of Armenians during World War I as “genocide.” To say the statement was long overdue is a huge understatement. Indeed, it is

Remembering Mila Page, Z’L A Reflection from Marilyn Harran

December 4, 2020 by | Holocaust Education

On the evening of December 2, Ludmila Page, who in July reached the milestone age of 100, passed away. Were we not in a pandemic, we would be gathering to honor her and share our memories. A founding member of The “1939” Club (now Society), Mila was the epitome of elegance and kindness. She would

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