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Malcolm X – A Reflection by Shaykh Jibreel Speight

February 22, 2022 by | Fish Interfaith Center

The United States of America has many commemorations, including race and ethnicity, gender, people, and events. I want to ask you a question, but I would like to paint the scenario first. At one time, a man lived in a racist era. Hostility was the norm. His parents, however, fought against racism. Unfortunately, members of

Latine y Musulmán/Musulmana Thoughts on Muslims and National Hispanic Heritage Month

October 8, 2021 by | Fish Interfaith Center

  For over a year, an Islamic center has invited me to an evening program entitled “Coffee with the Shaykh,” an opportunity for new and re-committed Muslims to ask questions to Islamic scholars. I have noticed two things: most are women, and many are Latine. Their participation, deep questions about Islam, and the presence of

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