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Respondus LockDown Browser A method for locking a student's browser during testing

October 2, 2023 by | Higher Ed and Technology: Academics at Chapman

Author’s note: Respondus LockDown Browser allows instructors to lock down the browser on a student’s device during test taking. Please note not all devices and programs support the browser. Specifically, certain free programs for accessibility cannot use the LockDown Browser. Please review the Respondus LockDown system requirements and accessibility features. Then, verify students have the

Blogging for Reflection

May 9, 2023 by | Higher Ed and Technology: Academics at Chapman

We know that reflecting on learning helps us retain and consolidate our experiences.  When looking for student opportunities for reflection, a tool like Edublogs can make a reflection exercise fun, relevant, and encourage a broader audience. Edublogs as a professional portfolio Ask students to choose samples of their best work and then provide context, explaining

Adobe Education Institute June 20-27, 2023

May 3, 2023 by | Higher Ed and Technology: Academics at Chapman

The Adobe Education Institute is for academic leaders, instructors, and instructional designers like you. Attend inspired workshops to learn the essentials for digital creativity, compelling presentations, podcasting, video, data visualization, and how Adobe tools can support best student outcomes. Adobe will offer a series of 90-minute workshops over the week on the following topics: Introduction

YuJa Updates: Video Quizzes

April 18, 2023 by | Higher Ed and Technology: Academics at Chapman

YuJa made two updates to their Video Quiz feature: Link External Resources to Video Quiz Decision-Point Questions Quiz creators can now seamlessly add videos, documents, and links to decision-point questions, providing students access to relevant resources when selecting a decision.     Video Quiz Slow-Down Controls Available In the previous release, YuJa provided instructors with

Turnitin to release AI writing detection capabilities on April 4, 2023

March 21, 2023 by | Higher Ed and Technology: Academics at Chapman

Turnitin announced the upcoming preview release of their AI writing detection capabilities to help educators uphold academic integrity while ensuring that students are treated fairly. The AI writing detection preview will be available across many of our products, including Turnitin Feedback Studio (TFS), TFS with Originality, Turnitin Originality, Turnitin Similarity, Simcheck, Originality Check, and Originality

Remembering Pronouns

January 27, 2023 by | Higher Ed and Technology: Academics at Chapman

One of my favorite things to read on Fridays is an emailed newsletter called “Better Together.” Each week it offers five simple tips for a more inclusive work environment. This week’s newsletter offers tips for remembering pronouns. This is something I struggle with! I want to use someone’s correct pronouns, but sometimes my memory, brain,

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