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Leatherby Libraries Instruction Method Helps Chapman University Students SIFT Through Online Materials to Find the Best Resources

November 12, 2021 by | Leatherby Libraries

A key part of the Leatherby Libraries’ mission statement is to provide services that “ensure the development of the information-literate global citizen.” Towards that goal, Leatherby Libraries librarians are constantly refining and improving the instruction that they offer students in First-Year Focus Courses (FFCs) and other library instruction sessions. After many years of using the

“A History of Pharmacy in Pictures” and “A History of Medicine in Pictures” Medical art exhibit at the Health Sciences Study Commons

November 11, 2021 by | Leatherby Libraries

The Leatherby Libraries and the Chapman University School of Pharmacy (CUSP) are excited to partner together to announce a new, year-long exhibit on display in the Health Sciences Study Commons on the Rinker Health Science Campus of Chapman University. “A History of Pharmacy in Pictures” is a series of 40 illustrations thought of by George

Native American Art: A Book Display in Celebration of Native American Heritage Month

October 25, 2021 by | Leatherby Libraries

National Native American Heritage Month is celebrated each year in November. In celebration of the month, our Sociology and Native American Studies librarian has curated a book display, accessible in the Leatherby Libraries lobby in front of the elevators, on Native American Art. The description of the display reads, “Native Americans are the Indigenous peoples

Leatherby Libraries Librarians Lead Series of Open Educational Resources Workshops

October 19, 2021 by | Leatherby Libraries

Beginning Friday, October 22nd, at 3:00 p.m., Leatherby Libraries librarians Doug Dechow and Kristin Laughtin-Dunker will be leading a series of five webinar workshops on Open Educational Resources (OER). This series, aimed at Chapman University faculty, will explore the pedagogical possibilities and cost-saving potential of OER, a topic that Doug and Kristin have presented on

The Library at Chapman University: A Historical Look A virtual exhibit from the Leatherby Libraries

October 5, 2021 by | Leatherby Libraries

The Leatherby Libraries is proud to announce the launch of its latest virtual exhibit, “The Library at Chapman University: A Historical Look.” This virtual exhibit is part of the yearlong celebration in 2021 of Chapman University’s 160th anniversary, and chronicles the story of the library at Chapman over the years, beginning with the Stauffer Memorial

Founding Director of the “Center for American War Letters” Andrew Carroll Partners with the “9:57 Project” to Honor the 20th Anniversary of 9/11

September 10, 2021 by | Leatherby Libraries

This weekend marks twenty years since the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Although the date still stands out starkly to those who remember the attacks, it has become a part of history class for high school students who have been born since. The 9:57 Project, which began in 2014, aims to make that history

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