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5 Tips for Creating Better Academic Videos in the IETL Instructional Video Studio

July 17, 2019 by | Higher Ed and Technology: Academics at Chapman

The IETL Instructional Video Studio is a space where faculty can record and enhance their lessons and the classroom learning experience in unique and innovative ways. Inside the space, faculty can use the green screen, LearningGlass, or even create a traditional video without these technologies. According to this article from University Business about instructional video

International Women’s Day Celebration Join us March 4 - 8 for a weeklong International Women's Day Celebration!

February 18, 2019 by | Chapman Blogs

Better the balance, better the world. Join the Chapman Diversity Project’s Advisory Group on the Status of Women on Monday through Friday,  March 4-8,  as we come together to celebrate International Women’s Day with the entire Chapman University community. The weeklong event will feature an array of programming, including a Women in Mathematics Talk with

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